Can you draw cecil reacting to the new night vale episode?

sorry anon didn’t see the ask but sure I will! just give me some time to catch up with the show! sorry owo;

whoever asked me for this I’m sorry it took so long enjoy carlos and a two headed dog

Reblog this if you HAVE TO KNOW what happened to Old Woman Josie.

only thing i could think about was watching documentaries |D hope that’s ok

had an idea for new years but I slept through it so I’ll post it now, enjoy drunk cecilos that is all

woo warm lil speed…..paint? anyways enjoy kevin

welp feeling better might be coming back, with a doodle of an android cecil owo;
had this idea of an AU where strex was a corporation that made VI robots and secretly made cecil  who would be an info gathering program ewe; jacked into a global network hub so he’d know everything going on everywhere, he’d develop a crush on one of his engineers aaaaaaand I’m done rambling bye

Would it be okay to use your "Good Night, Nightvale" fanart to make a Cecil icon? I would credit you, of course.

sure go ahead, any of the stuff posted here can be used for icons. but thank you for asking first.


to the people following this fanart blog i’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while…….I’m sorry i wont be able to for a while either, I’m going through some personal….mess, and I’m becoming disinterested in the only thing i like (drawing)….so justa lil scared and wonky….sorry….I’ll try to get better as  soon as possible…i’m sorry